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Term Life


Term Life Insurance is the ideal product for those on a fixed budget or are in need of temporary coverage. In most cases, it offers a fixed premium for a specified period of time. After that time has expired, that premium (in almost all cases) will increase.
Most commonly known are policies that offer coverage from 5 to 30 years. Another Term Plan known as ART (Annual Renewable Term) is available. With an ART Policy, the premium is fixed for one year. After that term, the premium will increase annually.



Whole Life


Whole Life Insurance offers permanent coverage with a level premium that is paid until the policy is needed to be used. It has a cash reserve built into it  that grows over the life of the policy. Policyholders may borrow cash from this account as long as funds are available in the account. (No credit check is required.)

Those who wish to purchase a policy with a single payment may do so by applying for a SPWL (Single Premium Whole Life) policy. Others may wish to pay their premiums within a specific time frame. Many of our companies offer a 10 or 20 paysolution in which premiums are spread over that specified period of time.


*This product is also great to add to your Retirement Planning Program.


Universal Life


Universal Life Insurance offers a blend of what is found in both Term and Whole Life Products. Most basic UL's have a level premium and growing cash reserve. However, as the cost of insurance for those covered rises, premiums paid will need to be increased in order to maintain coverage.

Most common among UL's are the GUL, VUL, and IUL (including Fixed IUL's). GUL's are Guaranteed Universal Life Policies. VUL's are Variable Universal Life Policies. IUL's are Indexed Universal Life policies (including Fixed Indexed UL's).


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